Children are full of questions and bombard their parents with them daily, but occasionally, they realize they may have stumbled upon one to which they’re not ready for an answer. No, I DON’T Want to Know Where I Came From! is a heartwarming and creative story that addresses one of those questions. Come join Jackson and his mom, and let’s see how they handle this tricky situation.

24 pages – $9.99 (paperback)

In Preston Falls Up, children will learn that the world is full of people like Preston, who don’t do things like everybody else. Discover why it’s okay to be unique. There’s a Preston in all of us.

28 pages – $9.99 (paperback)

Preston’s Biggest Summer is a heartwarming story for both child and parent as they join Preston during his biggest growth spurt ever!

24 pages – $8.99 (paperback)

TTammy Mullinsammy Mullins has been a contributing author and editor of several textbooks for legal support staff. She is active in her local church community and resides in Owasso/Collinsville, Oklahoma, with her four children, including Preston.

Tammy’s books are published through Tate Publishing, a mainline publishing house dedicated to working with aspiring authors and giving their books the best chance in the marketplace.  If you’ve ever thought about publishing a book, you should visit